WWE has announced that Brock Lesnar would face JinderMahal the Survivor Series. The fight would be headline event for the November 19 pay-per-view.

The Universal champ was expected to be paired with another marquee fighter but an expected name in Mahal popped up.

Raw’s champ would now fight SmackDown’s champ as Lesnar’s rep Paul Heyman accepted the challenge from The Modern Day Maharaja. Mahal has disappointed at major events so fans are not that excited at the upcoming event.

While the headline event is a breath of fresh air compared to the rest – like The Miz fighting Dean Ambrose despite multiple fights this year – fans wanted more. Especially as there could have been Braun Strowman fight or another Samoa Joe match. Since it is not a unification fight, there is even lesser appeal.

Brock Lesnar And Angle Fight

There is nothing like gossip that gets the fans intrigued and here is what Kurt Angle has to say about the fight he had with Brock Lesnar.

This is the latest revelation of Kurt that he had dropped Brock about seven times during the behind the scenes fight that they had in WWE. Lesnar and Angle had a backstage scuffle that seems to have gained folklore status. Angle, who is 48 years of age, stated that he had dropped his opponent Lesnar at least seven times, which is not the account that was released in February about this wrestling bout. The fight had taken place backstage and Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard had broken up the fight. Today Angle provides a more detailed picture of the fight that showcases his scary fighter’s potential. Indeed, both fighters are of impressive credentials. While Angle had won gold in freestyle wrestling back in 1996, Lesnar had been a wrestling champion who was associated with NCAA College. Hence, the wrestling contest that took place was probably one of the most thrilling events to take place backstage.


Bucking the odds, Bill Goldberg emerged the winner against Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series in record time frame.

Not a single person gave the WCW/WWE superstar a chance seeing how Goldberg has not wrestled the last 12 years and is battling a person that has manhandled opponents in both the WWE and UFC.

It took two spears along with a jackhammer for Goldberg to get rid of Lesnar in what would, afterwards, be explained, revealed. Goldberg was struggling with a tweaked shoulder and didn’t have sufficient time to train, though the summary of it all is the fact there will be a third match.

That will probably take place at Wrestlemania 33 although there are some who appeared to be perhaps booking other opponents. Persons like John Cena, Undertaker or even Sting have been outlined, although it all hinges on what path the WWE is going with Goldberg.

For Lesnar, the defeat is not supposed to tarnish his record. However falling 0-2 against Goldberg doesn’t explain the reason why a third match would be needed, reported. There must be some kind of storyline to squeeze in, something that is mind-blowing to justify the need for a third encounter.

MMA Witnesses Shane Carwin In The Game As Changer

Shane Carwin was seen as the person who would retire after his tryst with MMA. After the retirement he did not apparently seem to be involved with gym and seminars. Though he always had passion for the game but he did not leave engineering from his system. In fact when he was competing with Brock Lesnar in the title of heavyweight in UFC he did not leave engineering that time as well.

Now, as it seems he has twin roles to fulfil- one his duty as a father and other as an engineer. He still remains to be a part of MMA in varied ways. He fits into the role of MMA Promotion of the Championship of Prize Winning in Colorado, his home state.

The event of the Championship will be held on 21st November at Denver. Chris Camozzi will be joining along with Jeremy Kimball. To be fighting for the title of middleweight. A concert will also be held by the band called as the P.O.D. As far as the music promotion is concerned, Carwin is not part of it. Seth Daniels will look after the promotions of music and things alike. Carwin is basically kept as an aid for the fighters who will be requiring anything.